Thursday, 8 March 2012

 Some inspiring illustrations by Brad Parker. Though a bit over the top and a Kitsch like feel, but I think it's quite inspiring. If you like it check it out

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Hey there!!! If you're in to some Kitsch posters or just wanna see what I'm talking about

Thursday, 1 March 2012


Go to the crazy store or pawn shop, spend no more than R20 and buy the 'Kitschest' gift you possibly can (or steal one from your granma).. make sure it is KITSCH (and I mean bad kitsch) Enter your bosses office  and plant the very furry, fluffy,Pink, fake gold, plastic, porcelain object somewhere in your bosses office.. make sure it's placed on a visible place... and make sure the coast is clear.. go on you sneaky devils! Oh...and remember to post it on facebook!
Okay so it is officially the first Friday of March... I have decided on launching my 1st #FREAKFRIDAY task... It's very simple.. every 1st Friday of a month I'll be doing this and if you take part, please take a pic and post it on my Facebook page    
People, check out some UnLAME design on my facebook page Designs with a hint of kitsch by PEET PIENAAR

MORE AWESOME STUFF to check out!!

Hey you very UnLame bloggers!!!! Let's start this with a simple fact..Most people think that  'kitsch style' designs are taboos..other people don't really know what the term kitsch refers to... I designed this blog especially for those, but I also designed this blog to chat about stuff to, in the long run, determine the elements that makes something bad kitsch and the elements that can actually be seen as trendy kitsch. We live in a Post Modern era and styles are reviving themselves.. I personally think kitsch is cool... here are some reasons why I think so. Awesome work by Fabian Ciraolo!