Friday, 26 October 2012


A few seasons ago, Bernhard Willhelm's mens' presentation in Paris was shut down because the plumes of coloured smoke he set off, along with blaring air raid siren, caused a commotion in the Marais. Willhelm is a designer who, since establishing his label in 1999 likes to play – and it remains. Over the years we’ve had everything from day-glo dinosaur prints to a collection dedicated to the American flag, a half-asleep/half-dead blissful SS13 menswear showcase and a lookbook where porn star Fran├žois Sagat was his muse. For his SS13 womenswear, Willhelm has once again worked his magic, collaborating with director and 3D animator Geoffrey Lillemon on a pulsating, animated series of gifs – ripe for spreading virally and cheating death by seeding his legacy everywhere. Dazed Digital showcases the looks here, and caught up with Bernhard to learn more, getting recommended a WTF YouTube of outdoor Dysoning in the process.


Check out some very UNLAME gifs by Bernhard Willhelm on The Dazed and Confuzed site!!  UNLAME and a little freaky!

Friday, 22 June 2012


Hey all you Unlame bloggers!!!! Look what I found... Some amazing though strange type of kitsch by Mariana Monteagudo .. I think it hits the #UnlameFriday mark... what about you?

Friday, 8 June 2012


it's the weekend!!! and what's even more UNLAME is #UNLAMEfriday!!!   This weeks inspiration is Raul Urias.. Check out some amazing and totally UNLAME work by him..

Friday, 25 May 2012


This is an amazingly Unlame style I say.. fantastic work by AYA Kato !


Friday, 4 May 2012

#FREAKfridays task 2

Hey all!! It's that time again.. Time to get your kitschy bones ready for a task. This month's task is to do some spy work.. Spot something that you think is kitsch and cool (or LAME if you prefer) in your environment, eg. offices, neighbours, friends, enemies, bosses, school, strangers ect. And if it's worth taking a pic, please post it on my blog or share it on my facebook page ..Join the fun and share the Kitsch vibes. Don't be lame!


The next UNLAMEfriday entry is photography of Nahe Apokalypse. I want to know if you LOVE it or HATE it. I think it's pretty UNLAME

Check out the Behance link with more photos